rv rental F.A.Q.


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How much does the RV cost to rent?

For a detailed breakdown of the RV rental price, its best to submit a quote request for the rental you're interested in with the dates you're considering for your trip. You can see our current RV rentals on the RV RENTALS page. 

How far are you from Philadelphia Airport?

We are only 39 miles from the Philadelphia Airport. Philadelphia Airport To Airport Location

How far are you from the Trenton Airport?

We are only 6.9 miles from the Airport. Trenton Airport to RV Location.

Can I rent it by the hour?

We do not currently rent by the hour.

Can I rent it for one night?

We currently have a 4 night minimum rental period. You may take it for 1 night, however our 4 night rental rate still applies.

Can I rent for 4 nights instead of 3?

We currently have a minimum 4 night rental period. You may take it for 2 or 3 nights, but the 4 night rental rate still applies.

What are the bed, dinette, sofa bed sizes or sheet sizes?

  • 1 Queen, 3 Twins, and 2 Fulls(Griffin Greyhawk)
  • 1 Queen, 2 Twins, and 2 Fulls, and 1 King Flat for Above Cab bed- This bed is comparable to Queen sized but longer(My Precious)

Where is the RV located?

403 Ramsey Rd Yardley, PA 19067


When is my next payment due?(or other payment related questions)

Please reach out to Outdoorsy here Outdoorsy Renter F.A.Q. or RVshare as they handle all payment processing. RV Share Renter F.A.Q

Can you do an early morning pick up? 

No, we have set RV Pick-Up(6PM) and Drop Off (6PM) times so that we can make sure everything’s ready for our guests. Many customers want to get a jump on their trip, so we suggest picking up the RV and booking  the day prior to the day you want to leave. Than, you can get it packed and ready that evening, and hit the road 1st thing the next morning. As fellow RV Travelers, we’ve found this is the best way to start our trips. Please understand this is a small side business for us, and we have other work obligations so we cannot make exceptions to this at this time.

Can you do a late evening drop off?

No, we have set RV Pick-UP(6PM) and Drop Off(6PM) times so that we can make sure everything’s ready for our guests.

Do you offer unlimited mileage for our trip?

We do not currently offer ‘unlimited mileage’ trips

Can I bring my pet along?

We love pets, however all of our current motorhome rentals are pet-free rentals

Can you deliver the RV and/or pick it up? 

After a short test period with deliveries, we've decided we will not offer pick up or deliveries any longer. It is simply not cost effective for us and this is a small side business for our family

Does the generator run the RV outlets, fridge, etc without the need for the RV to be plugged in? 


What’s my next step to reserve?(After a payment quote has been sent.)

Select Pay now and the website will walk you through the rest of the booking process.

How long does it take to receive my security deposit?(or other related payment processing questions)

If you’re renting with us through RVShare, please see RV Share Payment Policies. If you’re renting with us through Outdoorsy, the security deposit is automatically refunded 7 days after your rental if there isn’t any damage found during the rental.

Is the RV outfitted with cooking equipment, such as frying pan, spatula, pots etc?

Our RV’s  kitchens are stocked with the following items:

-measuring cups and spoons

-mixing bowl
-frying pan and pot with lid
-sharp knives
-coffee pot and filters

What should I bring for my trip?

Plan to bring the following items:

-Paper Towels

-1 Ply SEPTIC SAFE Toilet Paper(No other toilet paper and No flush-able wipes or feminine products etc may go into the toilet)

-Dish/hand soap

-Paper Plates, Bowls, Cups(Hot/Cold)

-Plastic Utensils


-Trash bags for kitchen and small trash bags/shopping bags for bathroom

-Favorite DVDs (Campground WIFI is often spotty, so streaming services might not work)

-Board games/Cards

-Bathroom toiletries

What kind of hook up do the TV’s have?(HDMI, AV etc)

The TV’s all have HDMI hookups, so you can hook up your Apple TV, Firesticks, or game consoles.

Will the beds have covers/sheets/pillows/ blankets or should we bring them?

No. Please plan to bring your own blankets,pillows and sheets for the following bed sizes: 1 Queen, 3 Twins, and 2 Fulls(Griffin Greyhawk) 1 Queen, 2 Fulls, 2 Twins, 1 King Flat (My Precious)

Is there parking at the RV pickup location or can I leave a car there?

Yes, you may park one car at the drop-off location for the duration of your trip. You will need to pick up your vehicle at the same time as when you drop off the RV.

Do additional drivers need to complete the driver check through the platform?

Yes. All Drivers must go through the Driver Check through the website platforms.

Are there paper towels on the RV?

No, we do not stock the RV with paper towels

How many toilet paper rolls are on the RV?

There are 4 toilet paper rolls on the RV. You are welcome to bring your own but it must be 1Ply and marked SEPTIC SAFE.

Are there ice trays inside the fridge?There are ice trays on in the fridge, however we recommend that you bring a bag of ice, because it will take a while for the ice to freeze in the refrigerator.

Do I need a special license to drive the RV?

No, you do not need a special license to drive our RV's. You'll be given a driving test when you pick it up to make sure you're comfortable driving the RV.

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